4(A) Army Bn. Girls

The “ National Cadet Corps” is an Indian military cadet corps with its headquarters at New Delhi. It is open to school & college students on a voluntary basis.Ncc is a Tri-services organization,comprising the Army, Navy &Airforce,engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined & patriotic citizens.The cadets are given basic military training in small arms & parades.Its was started on April 16th,1948.Its membership is approximately 13 lakhs. Its motto is unity & discipline.Ncc is the world’s largest uniformed youth organisation.In 1948 girls division was raised for girls. 1950 Airwing & 1952 Naval wing were raised.

In the year 1954 present Ncc tri colour flag was introduced.3 colours dipits the three services, Red for Army;Deep blue Navy;Light blue Air force.There are 17 directorates in the country.Each directorate have 14 groups. Each group controls 5 to 7 units.Each unit consists of companies,there are 98 group headquarters in the country which are controlling 684 Army wings,60 Naval & 61 Air units.

For school students “A” certificate exam is conducted.For college students “B” & “C” certificate exams are conducted.Those certificates are very helpful in achieving success in the cadets life.

Many camps will be conducted under Ncc every year like RDC,TSC,ALC,SNIC,NIC,CATC,ATC,Army attachment camps,adventure activities like Trekking,Hiking,Slithering,Parasailing,Rockclimbing etc.,Along with above there is Vayu Sainik Camp,Nau sainik camp &YEP which are organised by Ncc.

NCC Girls wing – Objectives(PBS):

  • Girls in this wing are known for their dedication & courage.
  • Trained to be the best girls who are daring & enthusiastic.
  • Exposed to various levels of hardships to emerge as strong girls.
  • Spirit of patriotism & sincerity.
  • Motivated to form a great leader.

Being the 4 Andhra Girls Wing of PBS college is dedicated towards spreading among the girls,the spirit of patriotism & willingness to serve the country at anytime.To be the best in all walks of life & emerge as women leaders of raising India.Our cadets are trained to be daring & to enhance their decision making skills.The spirits of unity is also imbibed through frequent drills & the exposure to various levels of hardships which inculcate in them to face though challenges which they face in their life. The girls wing gets inspired & motivated by their ANO Lt.Ch.V.Rohini Kusuma & will continue to churn out cadets who can take the lead & who effectively transform the state of lives of women across the country.