Part-III: Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC)

A student has to complete 10 courses from the list given below

AEC001A (a) Human Values and Professional Ethics

AEC016 (b) Values Education

AEC002A Environmental Studies (AEC-Compulsory)

AEC003A Communication Soft Skills-I

AEC006 Communication Soft Skills-II

AEC010 (a) Communication Soft Skills-III

AEC015 (b) Communication Soft Skills-III

AEC004 (a) Computer Fundamentals and Office Tools (ICT-I)

AEC014 (b) MS Office (ICT-I)

AEC009A (a) Internet Fundamentals and Web Tools (ICT-II)

AEC005 (b) Photoshop (ICT-II)

AEC012 (c) Scribus (ICT-II)

AEC013 (d) Blue Griffon (ICT-II)

AEC007 Analytical Skills

AEC008 Entrepreneurship

AEC011 Leadership Education

Job ready programmes prescribed by NASSCOM

AEC017 (a) Information Security Management (ICT-I) 3 credits

AEC018 (b) Information Security Assessments and Audits (ICT-II) 3 credits

AEC019 (c) Information Security Incident Response & Management 3 credits

(This course is given in core courses also)


List of Add-on Courses


Student Mentor will counsel a student for the selection of one course at a time considering his aptitude and requirement.


(A) Add-on / Supporting Courses 2/3 credits (30-45 Hrs.)


AOCT01 Business Mathematics

AOCT02 Photoshop

AOCT03 Principles of Life Insurance

AOCT04 Insurance Law and Regulations

AOCT05 Business Mathematics (B.B.A.-Business Analytics)

AOCT06 Multi SIM

AOCT07 S.P.S.S. (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)

AOCT08 Financial Accounting

AOCT09 Financial Management

AOCT10 Salesmanship

AOCT11 Programming in C

AOCT12 Multimedia

AOCT13 Network System Administration

AOCT14 Herbarium methodology


AOCT16 Reasoning

AOCT17 Communicative English

AOCT18 Journalism (Telugu)

AOCT19 Fundamentals of Business Analytics

AOCT20 Instrumental Methods for Chemical Analysis

AOCT21 Goods and Service Tax (GST)


AOCT23 PHP with MySQL Certification

AOCT24 Angular JS Certification

AOCT25 Introduction to Derivatives

AOCT26 Mathematical Modeling

AOCT28 Solar Energy

AOCT29 Advanced Statistical Methods

AOCT30 Aquarium Fish keeping and Maintenance of Aquarium

Material Science

Organometallic chemistry and Metal Mediated Organic Synthesis

Advanced Mathematical Techniques

Communication Skills

Fundamentals of Business Analytics

Communicative English

PHP with My SQL Certification

Angular JS Certification


List of Skill Enhancement Courses

Course Code

Course Name

SEC001 (Pr)

Tally (Accounting Software) - Lab

SEC 002

Statistical Computing using SPSS Software


Project Management

SEC 004

Tally (Accounting Software)


Personal Finance