Department Description of Zoology

The profile of the department was carved out in 35 years of its functioning attests to its manifold achievements. Zoology department is established in the year of 1979, it is one of the major departments of our college. The department was started with well-experienced faculty. With a humble beginning, the department has grown by leaps and bounds to the present status. The sustained and indefatigable effort of our management is consummate, unparalleled and unforgettable for the cause of education. Our students who left the portals of this prestigious institution. Now the department has 2 (ICET) enabled labs. Laboratories are fully equipped with all needed facilities including the museum having rare and unique collections which are not found in other institutions. We had the proud possession of fossil. Our teachers take every care of all students in order to help them in education or in any other way. The department conducts field trips, camps related to social services and other eco-activities, national &international seminars, workshops, for the betterment of the students. The students are monitored through continuous internal assessments, quizzes, seminars, assignments, practicals, academic and career counseling.

Faculty In Zoology Department

S.no Image Faculty Name Qualification Designation Spciallization Length of experience Course Teaching Profile
1 Ch. Venkateswarlu M.Sc Lecturer FISH AND FISHERIES Teaching Exp:22
Research Exp:2
Biology of invertebrates, Biology of vertebrates, Animal Husbandry, Aquaculture. Profile
2 Dr.K.Siva Prasad M.Sc Zoology,M.Sc Biotechnology, B.Ed.,M.Phil.,P.hd Parasitology Teaching Exp:11
Research Exp:7
Zoology and Biotechnology


S.no Lab Area Equipment
1 Zoology 890sqft PCR. 2. UV Transilluminator 3. Spectrophotometer 4. Laminar Air Flow 5. Cooling Centrifuge



Faculty Name Title


S.no Achivement Title Faculty Description Period
1 PPT presentation New award Dr.K.Siva Prasad New award ,
2 test test Dr.K.Siva Prasad test ,
3 Dr.K.Siva Prasad ,
4 Dr.K.Siva Prasad ,


S.no Activity Title Faculty Period Organize
1 Seminars Improved Strategies in the sustained Biodiversity Ch. Venkateswarlu 2013-02-27---2013-02-28
2 Seminars Climate change impact and its management in Indian agriculture Ch. Venkateswarlu 2014-03-01---0000-00-00
3 Seminars Recent Trends in Phytochemical and Plant Biology Research Ch. Venkateswarlu 2014-09-12---2014-09-13
4 Seminars Second International conference Science and scientist - 2014 Ch. Venkateswarlu 2014-11-28---2014-11-29
5 Social A blood grouping to all I year students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2013-06-27---2013-06-29
6 Social Haemoglobin test for 10th class students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2013-11-29---2013-11-30
7 Social Blood Grouping tests to all 1st year students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2014-07-01---2014-07-02
8 Social practicals, training classes and career guidance programme for X class students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2015-01-07---2015-01-08
9 Social Blood grouping tests to all 1st year students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2015-07-03---2015-07-06
10 Social Blood grouping tests to all 1st year students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2016-06-23---0216-06-24
11 Social Blood grouping test for 6th class students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2016-07-14---0000-00-00
12 Social Medical camp organized by department of zoology for all UG & PG students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2016-09-26---2016-09-29
13 Social Conducted basic health screening test camp for about 150 members Ch. Venkateswarlu 2016-11-13---0000-00-00
14 Social Blood grouping tests to all 1st year students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2017-07-04---2017-07-05
15 Social Blood grouping test for 6th & 7th class students Ch. Venkateswarlu 2017-08-01---0000-00-00
16 Seminars seminars activity Dr.K.Siva Prasad 2018-07-13---2018-07-14
17 Social socialservices Dr.K.Siva Prasad 2018-07-13---2018-07-13
18 Seminars test Dr.K.Siva Prasad 1111-11-11---1111-11-11



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