Department Description of Statistics

The department of Mathematics and Statistics was established in 1975. The motive of this department is to promote Statistical Education at under graduate level to be useful and helpful to the researchers of other disciplines in Statistical Treatment of their activities.

Faculty In Statistics Department Image Faculty Name Qualification Designation Spciallization Length of experience Course Teaching Profile
1 A Mohana Rao
2 B. Neeraja Seshasai

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Achivements Achivement Title Faculty Description Period

Activities Activity Title Faculty Period Organize
1 Seminars “The eve of statistical day" 2012-06-29---2012-06-29
2 Seminars “Role of Statistics in Solving Real Life Problems” 2012-12-04---2012-12-04
3 Seminars "Guest lecture on Theory of Estimation " 2012-11-04---2012-11-04
4 Seminars "A guest lecture on ANOVA and Design " 2012-11-16---2012-11-16
5 Seminars “Basic Concepts and Applications of Sampling” 2014-01-19---2014-01-19
6 Seminars fdgfgds 2018-03-02---2018-03-09



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