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The mission of the Department is to persistently strive for achieving excellence in computing disciplines. It is being pursued through its gamut of academic programmes in up to date computing standards. The continuous effort is to produce computing graduates and post graduates with potential to design and develop systems involving approaches to programming and problem solving as well as creative ways to use computers, software systems and computing infrastructure of an organization. The Department of Computer Science was established in 1986 and is currently running with six Under Graduate programs and two Post Graduate programs. The graduate program B.Sc(Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science) started in 1986 with an intake of 60 students. Later the department introduced B.A (Computer Applications) in 1997 with an intake of 60 students, B.C.A in 1998 with an intake of 40 students, B.Sc(Maths, Electronics, Computer Science) in 2007 with an intake of 30 students, B.Sc(Honours) in 2016 with an intake of 50 students and B.Sc(Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science) in 2017 with an intake of 50 students. The Post Graduate program M.Sc(Computer Science) was introduced first in Andhra Pradesh state in 1990 with an intake of 30 students and M.C.A was introduced in 1991 with an intake of 30 students. Presently, the department is headed by Mr.T.S.Ravi Kiran and has more than 1,171 students and 25 faculty members in addition to many visiting professors, distinguished professionals from industry and eminent researchers. The department is striving hard with a goal to become a pioneering world-class centre of excellence in education and research through collaborative, consultative and participatory approaches, nurture effective capabilities for the development of high quality technical and scientific manpower to meet the challenges of the knowledge era, provide cost-effective Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based solutions and value-added services to a variety of organisations and to meet the expectations of stakeholders. Department Collaborates with ICT Academy, APITA (Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Academy) and Make Professional solutions Pvt.Ltd., Singapore to supplant its Training & Placement activities. The department is recognized as DELL EMC Centre of Academic Excellence to offer certification courses. The department has a good record of organizing seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences in emerging technological areas.

Faculty In Computer Science Department

S.no Image Faculty Name Qualification Designation Spciallization Length of experience Course Teaching Contribution


S.no Lab Area Equipment
1 Computer Lab1 - PG 2400 Sq.ft 6 servers with 105 Desktops
2 Computer Lab 2 - PG 1600 Sq,ft 60 desktops
3 Computer Lab1 UG 900 Sq.ft 60 desktops
4 Computer Lab 2 - UG 1200 Sq.ft 60 Desktops
5 Computer Lab 3 - UG - R -310 900 Sq.ft 45 Desktops



Faculty Name Title


S.no Achivement Title Faculty Description Period
2 NPTEL Brand Ambassador NPTEL Brand Ambassador NPTEL appreciated as NPTEL Brand Ambassador for the role as SPOC for NPTEL, P.B.Siddhartha College o ,


S.no Activity Title Faculty Period Organize
1 Workshops ANDROID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT 2015-08-21---2015-08-22
2 Workshops 3D GAME DESIGNING 2016-08-05---2016-08-06
3 Workshops HTML 5 2014-08-09---2014-08-11
4 Workshops ETHICAL HACKING 2014-09-21---2014-09-22
5 Workshops TESTING TOOLS 2015-01-03---2015-01-04
6 Seminars 3D PRINTING 2016-02-27---2016-02-27
7 Seminars NEW EDUCATION POLICY-Goals and Imparatives 2017-03-14---2017-03-14
8 Seminars Current Computer & information Trends 2001-12-28---2001-12-29
9 Seminars Distributed Systems 2006-09-08---2006-09-08
10 Workshops Two day workshop on career counselling 2006-12-06---2006-12-07
11 Seminars National Seminar on Business Intelligence 2007-01-22---2007-01-23
12 Category 1 Changing Dynamics of IT Industry 2008-02-01---2008-02-01
13 Seminars Research practices in Computer Science & Engg 2009-07-19---2009-07-19
14 Seminars Software Reliability 2011-09-06---2011-09-06
15 Seminars National Seminar on Cloud Computing 2013-11-25---2013-11-26
16 Workshops Software Testing Methodologies 2014-08-11---2014-08-12
17 Seminars National Seminar on Cyber Security with Special Focus on Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws 2014-11-15---2014-11-16
18 Seminars TCP/IP for New genereation Networks 2015-10-13---2015-10-13
19 Workshops Mentorship 2017-05-20---2017-05-20
20 Workshops Two day workshop on Hardware & Networking 2018-01-10---2018-01-11
21 Workshops Enterprise Risk Management 2010-01-23---2010-01-23
22 Workshops Deep Learning and R Programming 2017-10-14---2017-10-15
23 Workshops NPTEL 2016-06-25---2017-06-25
24 Workshops Mentorship 2017-05-20---2017-05-20
25 Seminars Artifical Intelligence and Expert Systems 2012-10-08---2012-10-08
26 Seminars BRIDGE-2017 2017-10-26---2017-10-26
27 Seminars Empowerment of Youth -Preparing For Future 2015-03-19---2015-03-20
28 Seminars Cyber Secuirty with Special Focus onCybe crimes and Cyber Laws 2014-11-15---2014-11-16
29 Seminars National seminar on Empowerment of youth-preparing for future 2015-03-19---2015-03-20
30 Seminars TCP/IP for new generation Networks-Issues and Challenges 2015-10-13---0000-00-00
31 Workshops Mentorship workshop 2015-05-20---0000-00-00
32 Seminars Managing Large IT Projects 2014-02-05---2014-02-05
33 Workshops Informationn Management and jnowledge Engineering 2013-07-08---2013-07-09
34 Category 1 Benchmarking in Institutions of Higher Learning 0000-00-00---0000-00-00
35 Workshops Embedded Systems Education 2007-01-03---2007-01-05
36 Seminars Distributed Systems 2006-09-08---2006-09-08
37 Seminars Emerging Software Engineering Paradigms 2009-09-11---2009-09-11
38 Seminars Software Reliability 2011-09-06---2011-09-06
39 Seminars Information Secuirty Issues 2014-02-04---2014-02-04
40 Seminars Research Practices in Computer science and Engineering 2009-07-19---2009-07-19
41 Seminars TCP/IP For New Generation Networks:Issues and Challenges 2015-10-13---2015-10-13
42 Seminars 3D Printing 2016-02-27---2016-02-27
43 Workshops Orientation Programme on MOOCS by Prof.K.Srinivas,DEpt of ICT,NUEPA 2017-01-20---2017-01-20
44 Seminars others title 2018-05-09---2018-05-09



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