Department Description of English

The department of English was established in the year 1975 with well experienced and eminent faculty. It is one of the departments which is highly equipped with two language labs. Our faculty take every care of all the students in order to help them for higher education , career opportunities. The department organizes seminars ,workshops ,quiz programmes and literary activities and encourage students to prepare PPT’S ON different topics. The members of teaching staff are well experienced and strive hard to continuously update their knowledge by attending seminars, workshops and refresher courses. The department library has 629 books apart from college library. The results of the department are encouraging.

Faculty In English Department

S.no Image Faculty Name Qualification Designation Spciallization Length of experience Course Teaching Profile
1 Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA HEAD AMERICAN LITERATURE Poetry, Drama, Prose& Fiction, Indian Writing in English, Indian Literature in Translations, America
2 R.Deepa M.A , B.Ed Deputy H.O.D ROMANTICISM Teaching Exp:17
Research Exp:0
Industrial Exp:0
3 Dr.Srinivasa Rao.S M.A, M.Phil,P.hd Co-Ordinator in Tutorward scheme committee ROMANTICAGE ,COMMONWEALTH LITERATURE,FOURTH WORD LITERATURE"S Teaching Exp:9


S.no Lab Area Equipment



Faculty Name Title


S.no Achivement Title Faculty Description Period


S.no Activity Title Faculty Period Organize
1 strength English club Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2015-12-14---0000-00-00
2 Seminars Emerging Trends in English Language Teaching Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2007-11-10---2007-11-10
3 Seminars New Trends in Asian and African Literatures in English Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2008-02-21---2008-02-22
4 Seminars Depiction of Women in Indian Drama in English Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2008-11-26---2008-11-26
5 Seminars Evaluation and Yearn to learn English for employability Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2008-09-24---2008-09-25
6 Seminars Region and Nation in Literary and Cultural Studies Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2009-02-10---2009-02-11
7 Seminars Diversity in New Literatures Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2010-12-16---2010-12-19
8 Seminars Modern theories in literature and language Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2014-03-19---2014-03-23
9 Seminars Women writings in India Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2015-02-22---2015-02-23
10 Seminars Contemporary writings in literature and language Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2016-03-02---2016-03-03
11 Seminars Shakespeare’s Language and Literature in the Current Times Dr. GULLAPALLI SRILATHA 2017-01-05---2017-01-05



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