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The Department of Telugu was established in the academic year 1975-76. B.A (E.M.S), B.Com (General), B.Com (Tax(A&F)), B.Com(Computers), B.Com(Honors), B.B.A, B.B.A-B.A, B.Sc (M.P.C), B.Sc (B.Z.C), B.Sc (M.P.Cs) B.Sc (CA.M.S) B.Sc (M.E.Cs) B.Sc (M.S.Cs), B.Sc (M.E.Cs) are undergraduate courses with Telugu as one of the subject and got autonomous status in the year 1988. The department has highly qualified and well experienced teachers since its inception.

Faculty In Department Image Faculty Name Qualification Designation Spciallization Length of experience Course Teaching Contribution
1 Dr.Y. Vijayananda Raju M.A, MPhil, Ph.D Head Chandasu &Alankaras Teaching Exp:19
Research Exp:6
Industrial Exp:0
TELUGU Contribution
2 Dr. Y.Purnachandra Rao M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Telugu Pandit Training faculty Old and modern telugu literature, Folk literature, literary criticism Teaching Exp:24
Research Exp:0
Industrial Exp:0
TELUGU Contribution
3 K.Manmadha Rao M.A TELUGU (LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE) ,M.Phil faculty Classical poetry ,Modern poetry, Grammar and Prosedy,Literary critism, Teaching Exp:24
Research Exp:0
Industrial Exp:0
TELUGU Contribution

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Activities Activity Title Faculty Period Organize
1 Seminars “DRAMATICAL LITERATURE IN DRAVIDIAN LANGUAGES” Dr.Y. Vijayananda Raju 2016-12-09---2016-12-09 Adikavi Nannayya University
2 Workshops “HUMAN VALUES AND PROFFESIONAL ETHICS – ESSENTIAL FOR INDIVIDUAL & SOCIETY (NWHVPE-2015)” Dr.Y. Vijayananda Raju 2016-08-24---2016-08-25 k. B. N COLLEGE,
3 Seminars “THE IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION ON HINDI AND THE OTHER LANGUAGES” Dr.Y. Vijayananda Raju 2016-12-09---2016-12-10 St. Joseph’s college for women
4 Seminars on “INDIAN LITERATURE-A SOURCE OF MODREN THINKING FOR YOUTH” Dr.Y. Vijayananda Raju 2017-02-21---2017-02-22 Andhra layola college
5 Seminars “VISWANATHA SAAHITHYA SANALOCHANA” Dr.Y. Vijayananda Raju 2017-09-07---2017-09-08 S. R. R & C. V. R Govt. DEGREE COLLEGE



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