3 (ANDHRA) R&V REGIMENT, Which Comes Under Ncc Kakinada Group, Has Got 12 Trained Horses To Train Its Cadets Of Various City Colleges In Horse-Riding, Animal Management And Other Related Skills. After A 2,000-Km Journey In A Special Railway Wagon, The Horses Arrived Here And They Are Sheltered Temporarily At The NTR COLLEGE OF VETERINARY SCIENCES Opposite Gannavaram Airport. The Role Of RVC Centre & College Is To Train RVC Offers & Men , Including Students From Friendly Foreign Countries As Well As Army Dogs Of The Corps & Other Arms & Services

Ncc Flag Contains Ncc Crest In Gold In The Middle, With The Letters "Ncc" Encircled By A Wreath Of Seventeen Lotus With A Background In Red, Blue & Light Blue. Red Depicts The Army, Deep Blue Depicts The Navy And Light Blue Depicts The Air Force. The Seventeen Lotuses Represent The 17 State Directorates. "Unity Of Discipline" (Ekta Aur Anushasan) Is Written At The Bottom Of The Ncc Flag.



1.LT. CH.SRI LAKSHMI (2004 -2008 )

2.LT.MADHU ( 2008- 2018 )



1. All The Students Will Join The N.C.C Unit Of Their Own Will. No Student Can Leave The Activity During The Two Years Under The Normal Circumstances. Any Student Leaving The Activity After Joining Will Be Penalized.

2.All The Cadets Will Honestly And Faithfully Serve The Country And Abide By The Rules And Regulations Of The N.C.C. All Will Do To The Best Of Their Ability And Attend All Parades And Camps As Required By The C.O. From Time To Time. No Claim On Authorities For Any Compensation In The Event Of Injury Or Death Due To Accidents During Training Camps, Courses, Traveling And During Any Other Such N.C.C. Events Like RDC And IDC Can Be Made.

3. Parents\ Guardians Should Be Well Informed Before Joining N.C.C. Or Attending Any Camps.

4. Membership In The Welfare Society And Nomination Form Will Be Valid Only Till Such Time; Cadet Remains In The Division Or Wing Of The N.C.C. To Which He/She Have Been Enrolled.

5. 75% Of The Attendance Is Mandatory. Students Will Have To Report In N.C.C. Uniform Failing Which They Will Not Be Allowed To Attend The Class.

6. If A Cadet Does Not Return The Camp Items Within 5 Days After Returning From The Camp, He/She Will Be Charged Fine Rs 10 Per Day On Completion Of The Due Period. The Fund Collected Will Be Used For N.C.C. Development

7. No Cadet Can Keep Any Uniform Item Unless He Continues The Activity For Consecutive Two Years. Otherwise He/She Will Attract Fine On Non- Return Of Uniforms. Associate N.C.C. Officer

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Drill, Shooting, Physical Fitness, First Aid & Camp Training Covering Basic Of Military Training In Army. This Training Is Mostly Carried Out In Schools And Colleges By The Cadets. In Addition, Depending Upon The Type Of Service, Basic Knowledge Of That Service Is Imparted To The Cadets. These Activities Comprise Approximately 50% Of The Entire Syllabus.

This Is The Most Imp Aspect Of Ncc Trg And Hence Great Emphasis On Institutional Trg To Be Given. State Ddg's To Issue Comprehensive Instructors On Organising The Institutional Trg At Gp / Unit Level.  Following Actions Will Be Taken To Improve The Standard Of Trg.

  • Optimum Utilization Of Pi Staff For Trg.

  • Greater Involvement Of Officers, Wtlo's And Ano's.

  • Deficiencies In Trg Aids Will Be Made Up Expeditiously.


Cadets Must Be Made To Understand The Aim And Purpose Of Teaching Drill, So That They Are Suitably Motivated And Do Not Take It As "Fatigue". Emphasis Will Be Laid On Correct Bearing, Marching, Saluting And Arms Drill. Inter-Squad Competitions May Be Organized To Create Interest.


Cadets Generally Take Keen Interest In Wpn Trg And Firing. Units Must Liaise With Nearby Service And Para-Military Units To Ensure That All Cdts Get An Opportunity To Fire Their Authorized Amn. Use Of Firing Simulators May Be Made To Optimize Trg Efforts Where Possible.


Adventure Activities Have Been Incorporated In Ncc Training With The Aim Of Inculcating And Strengthening Leadership Traits Amongst The Cadets. These Activities In Ncc Can Be Broadly Divided Into The Following.             1.Land Based   - Mountaineering,Rock Climbing,Trekking.



The Cadets Participated In Different Rallies Conducted By The 3 (A) R&V Regt.  Ncc, Gannavaram.

To Adopt Community Development Activities With The Aim Of Imbibing Amongst Cadets Selfless Service To The Community, Dignity Of Labour Importance Of Self Help, Need To Protect The Environment And To Assist Weaker Sections Of The Society In Their Upliftment. This Was Envisaged Through Programmes Involving -

2.Tree Plantation
3.Blood Donation
4.Anti Dowry Rally
5.Anti Female Infanticide Pledge
6.Anti Leprosy Drive
7.Aids Awareness Rally
8.Visit To Old Age Homes
9.Slum Clearance
10.Disaster Management & Relief
11.Village Upliftment And Various Other Social Schemes.