3(A) R & V Reg



3 ANDHRA REAMOUNT AND VETERINARY REGIMENT,NCC,VIJAYAWADA,raised this unit for the first time in vijayawada in our college on 18th August 2005.The cadet strength is 80.This cadet strength includes both boys and girls.Mrs.Ch.Srilakshmi,Lecturer in Biochemistry is the caretaker.However considering her "C" certificate and her other achievements while she was student.She is being conferred Direct Commission as Lieutenant.After her M.Madhu took charge of 3(A)R&V REGT.NCC on 2008.He is directly commissioned as Lieutenant after attending the course in Meerut R&V cantt&college.He is having 10 years of experience as A.N.O and he is still continuing.






NCC Achievements
Academic Year 2011-2012

  • SUO-K.Sivani had received 'BRONZE MEDAL' in 'HAKS' in RDC 2012 held in NEW DELHI.
  • Academic Year2012-2013
    • CQMS-K.S.V.bharath, JUO-k.Rajesh, JUO-T.samson,SGT-K.Venkatesh,CDT-SK.Khaja Attended SNIC CAMP held at Kakinada from 18th October 2012 to 27th October 2012.
    • SGT-K.Venkatesh,CTD-Khaja participated in 'RVC ATTACHMENT CAMP' conducted by 'RVC CENTER AND COLLEGE" held at MERRUT.
    • CQMS-K.S.V.bharath, JUO-k.Rajesh Attended PRERDC-II CAMP held at bison trg grounds, secunderabad from 7th November 2012 to 16th November 2012.
    • SUO-K.Venkatesh had received 'GOLD MEDAL' in 'TOP SCORE' and participated in 'PM'S RALLY' on RDC 2013 held in NEW DELHI.
    Academic Year2013-2014
    • SK.Khaja,G.Pavan Babu,I.S.V.D.Ravi Teja attended to PRERDC-I held at Secunderabad from 9th December 2013 to 28th December 2013.
    • O.Anil Kumar had received 'Best cadet award' in CATC held at Narsapuram from 9th December 2013 to 28th December 2013.
    Academic Year2014-2015
    • SUO-I.V.S.D.Ravi Teja, JUO-G.Pavan Babu, D.Hemath Subrahmanyam, A.Aditya Varma, P.Sai Sundeep, O.Anil Kumar, N.Sreenu,K.Ravi Kumar,K.Kondala Rao,V.Akhil Varma,B.Kiran Babu,RajKumar Attended SNIC CAMP held at Kakinada from 11/10/2014 to 21/10/2014.
    • A.Adithya Varma,P.Sai Sundeep Attended PRERDC-I CAMP held at Secunderabad from 31st November 2014 to 09th December 2014.
    • D.Hemath Subrahmanyam attended to PRERDC-III held at Secunderabad.
    • JUO-G.Pavan Babu had participated in "PM'S RALLY" in REPUBLIC DAY CAMP 2015 held at NEW DELHI.
    • SGT-D.Hemath Subrahmanyam,A.Aditya Varma,P.Sai Sundeep,O.Anil Kumar had participated in LRDC 2015 held at Vijayawada.
    Academic Year2015-2016
    • K.Kondala Rao,V.Akhil Varma,B.Kiran Babu,RajKumar Attended "SNIC" held at Kakinada.
    • JUO-G.Pavan Babu,CSM-A.Aditya Varma attended "PRERDC-II CAMP" held at Secunderabad.
    • SUO-D.Hemath Subrahmanyam had participated in "REPUBLIC DAY" CAMP 2016 held at NEW DELHI and won "SILVER MEDAL" in "SHOW JUMPING".
    Academic Year2016-2017
    • The NCC cadets of our college participated in the rally on the eve of international old people day on 1-10-16. In this rally the students of 3 Andhra R& V, commanding officer has participated and distributed fruits to the old people in Nirmala Hurdai Bhavan oldage home.
    • 40 cadets have attended online banking rally held at Siddhartha Pharmacy College on 6th December 2016.
    • 20 cadets had participated in human rights day held at VR Siddhartha engineering college on 10th December 2016.
    • 25 cadets have attended Happy Sunday programme held in Vijayawada on 4th December 2016.
    Academic Year2017-2018
    • The NCC cadets of our college participated in the rally on the eve of World day against child labour on 12th June 2017.
    • The NCC cadets of our college participated in the rally on the eve of International Literacy day on 8th September 2017.
    • 30 Cadets have attended in the International Yoga day at A1 convention hall on 21st June 2017.The chief guest of this event is Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh
    Academic Year2018-2019
    • The NCC of cadets of our college attended to NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL DAY AWARENESS RALLY and participated in small scale plantation in government school, which is organized by 8(A) NAVAL WING on 5th June 2018.
    • 12 NCC cadets from our college participated in a rally which is conducted on the eve of CHILD LABOUR PROHIBITION DAY. on 12th June 2018.which was done by our 3(A) R&V Regt. NCC unit.
    • All B2 & C cadets participated in CATC-V conducted by 3(A)R&V REGT. NCC camp at kethana konda from 29thJune 2018 to 7th July 2018
    • 45 cadets of college participated in WORLD YOGA DAY which is organized by P.B.Siddhartha college .
    • 60 cadets attended for statue cleaning programm in Siddhartha nagar to spread the awareness of swachh barath campaign.
    • 50 cadets from 3(A)R&V NCC of our college participated in swachh barath campign at RAYTU BAZAR on 25th August 2018.
    • 25 cadets attended a RALLY AGAINST CHILD LABOUR which was organized by 8(A) NAVAL UNIT at P.V.P.SIDDHARTHA COLLEGE OF ENGG. ON 8th September 2018.
    • 45 cadets attended food policing in government hospital on 28th September 2018.
    • 3(A)R&V organized surgical strike day which was attended by 8(A) NAVAL UNIT,17(A) ARMY BATALLION . this programm was attended by more than 160 cadets from all wings.
    • 25 cadets of 3(A)R&V REGT. NCC organized a programm in which cadets distributed fruits and medicine to elders at asramam on 1th October 2018.